East Fife  v  Stranraer:  Head to Head Analysis

Competition: Scottish League Scottish Cup League Cup
Matches Played 72 5 5
East Fife Wins 29 1 2
Stranraer Wins 24 3 1
Drawn Matches 19 1 2

Totals (for League, Scottish Cup and League Cup):

Matches Played 82
East Fife Wins 32
Stranraer Wins 28
Drawn Matches 22

Total Number of Goals Scored (in all three competitions):

East Fife 149 Stranraer 131

Despite being the third oldest club in the Scottish League (founded in 1870), Stranraer's first match against East Fife didn't take place until 13 September 1958 when the two sides fought out a 2-2 draw at Stair Park in a Division Two encounter. Since that first meeting the clubs have played regularly in League, Scottish Cup and League Cup matches as well as in the Spring Cup, Centenary Cup and Challenge Cup. In all the aforementioned competitions, however, there have been no matches of any real importance although in recent times BBC Scotland featured brief highlights from the first round Scottish Cup tie between the sides at Bayview on 6 December 1997. Stranraer won the match 3-2.

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