East Fife v Dumbarton: Head to Head Analysis

Competition: Scottish League Scottish Cup League Cup
Matches Played 117 1 4
East Fife Wins 47 1 3
Dumbarton Wins 46 0 1
Drawn Matches 24 0 0

Totals (for League, Scottish Cup and League Cup):

Matches Played 152
East Fife Wins 51
Dumbarton Wins 47
Drawn Matches 24

Total Number of Goals Scored (in all three competitions):

East Fife 239 Dumbarton 227

East Fife's first meeting with the 'Sons' was a Consolation Cup Semi Final encounter at Bayview on 4 April 1908. Dumbarton won the match 3-1, which is hardly surprising considering East Fife had played an energy sapping five game Quarter Final marathon against Brechin City in the days leading up to the match. The two sides did not meet again until 7 October 1922, when East Fife recorded a 2-1 victory in a Second Division league encounter. Apart from the Consolation Cup Semi Final and a 1-0 defeat in the Semi Final of the B Division Cup in 1946, there have been no other matches of any great significance between the sides. One Division Two encounter at Bayview on 6 January 1934, however, is worth mentioning. It was the practice in those far off days for officials of both sides to act as linesmen. East Fife director William Halley was the home side's representative on this occasion and, as the first half drew to a close, Mr Halley took it upon himself to draw the referee's attention to an incident he had witnessed. Referee McCutcheon promptly sent Mr Halley off, stating that "he was not to be influenced by home officials"! The referee then asked East Fife manager Dave McLean for a replacement, and John McArthur ran the line for the second half. The final score was 3-3.

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