It may seem a little strange including Renton in the 'Head to Head Analysis' section, as the Dunbartonshire club's league membership ended five years before East Fife were even founded! Renton were one of the founder members of the Scottish League in 1890, but found themselves expelled after only five matches for playing a friendly against Edinburgh Saints, a 'professional' side, against the wishes of the Scottish Football Association. Renton were re-admitted the following season and remained members of the Scottish League until resigning in 1898.

Renton's main claim to fame, however, came two years before the Scottish League was formed. Having won the Scottish Cup in 1888 by beating Cambuslang 6-1 in the Final at Hampden, Renton took on English Cup winners West Bromwich Albion and beat them 4-1. The Dunbartonshire side then declared themselves 'Champions of the World', with no little justification!

Where do East Fife come into all this? After resigning from the Scottish League, Renton continued to play in minor leagues and cup competitions and were drawn to play East Fife in the fifth round of the Consolation Cup in 1909. The tie was scheduled for 7 March 1909, but owing to the state of Bayview Park on the day of the match the two sides played out a friendly which East Fife won 2-0. The following Saturday Renton came east again and this time the cup tie was played, with the Fifers winning 2-1.

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