Pictures taken DURING the East Fife v Dumbarton game on Saturday 4th October 2003

(I didn't say they were taken AT the game, now, did I!)

It's 9AM local time on 4 October at Lake Gatun on the Panama Canal. On the other side of the world it's 3PM and the East Fife v Dumbarton game is about to start.

It's half time in Methil ...... I wonder how the lads are doing? Things are certainly hotting up here! (by the way, that's the top end of Gatun Locks in the background)

Full time - and a visit to the ship's Internet Cafe to find out the score has called for a LARGE celebration (even though it's not even 11AM yet in Panama!)

P.S. Our Silver Wedding cruise is now over and we're back home so I promise to have some photos from the Arbroath game to look at next week (if I can stand the Gayfield cold after the tropical heat!)

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