The Crew of the Steam Drifter Unity, a similar vessel to the Golden Strand

The Crew of the Steam Drifter 'Golden Strand'

There was Jackie and Andy,
Charlie and Sandy,
The Skipper, the Cook, and me,
Cowie, and Jeck Dick -
Wha had an awfu' trick
O' no lettin' Cowie abe.

He's an awfu' laud Andy
Tae pinch Jackie's candy,
(His sweeties I mean) in his bed.
At the fit o' the stair
You'll get Jackie's bed there,
Andy gangs tae'd, as if he were led.

But if Jackie were wise,
He wad tak my advice,
His sweeties he'd keep itherwhere,
And when Andy comes doon
Gie'm a crack on the croon,
Jist tae mind him he's nae business there.

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