Match Analysis: East Fife v Rangers

Rangers Statistics

Competition: Scottish League Scottish Cup League Cup
Matches Played 28 7 10
East Fife Wins 5 0 1
Rangers Wins 20 7 6
Drawn Matches 3 0 3

Totals (for League, Scottish Cup and League Cup):

Matches Played 45
East Fife Wins 6
Rangers Wins 33
Drawn Matches 6

Total Number of Goals Scored (in all three competitions):

East Fife 31 Rangers 115

East Fife victories over Rangers have been few and far between, but the first ever East Fife victory over Rangers (apart from wartime league matches) was a League Cup semi-final encounter at Hampden on 8 October 1949 and this match stands out from the rest as the most eventful between the two sides. A crowd of 75,000 saw East Fife take the lead in the first half through a Brown header and they seemed to be holding out for victory when Rangers equalised six minutes from time. In the second period of extra time, Charlie Fleming gathered a long upfield clearance from 'keeper McGarrity and headed towards goal. 'Cannonball' swerved first past Rangers' Sammy Cox, then shook off the challenges of Woodburn and Shaw before firing an unstoppable shot past 'keeper Bobby Brown and into the net from fifteen yards to score what is regarded by many as the greatest East Fife goal of all time. The Methil Men almost made it three before the final whistle, but their joy turned to sadness on returning to the dressing room. The excitement of the winning goal had been too much for East Fife Chairman McArthur, who dropped dead from a heart attack in the stand moments after the ball had hit the back of the net.

Below: 'Cannonball' Charlie Fleming, scorer of the goal which is regarded by many as the greatest East Fife goal of all time

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