East Fife Football Club

1903 - 2003

The Centenary Year of East Fife Football Club is fast approaching!

The Centenary Committee are: BRUCE BLACK (Chairman), JOHN FLEMING (Vice President), KENNY MACKAY and BOB MORELAND (Directors' Representatives), HUGH LANDELS and JOHN MCINNES (Shareholders Representatives), ROB SCOTT (Administration/Commercial Representative), JIM BEAVERS and JOHN ROSS (Supporters' Representatives), DAVE MARSHALL (Millennium Club Representative), JIM STEWART (Club Historian), JIM CORSTORPHINE (Editor of 'East Fife Football Historian' Web Site), GRAEME SCOTT (Editor of 'East Fife Mail'), EUGENE CLARKE ('Young Fifers' Representative) and HENRY BLYTH (Local Councillor)

Details of the Centenary Committee held at Bayview Stadium on Wednesday 28 November 2001

The actual date on which East Fife F.C. was formed - It was agreed that the club was officially founded at a public meeting held on 9th March 1903 in 'Mr Suttie's Hall, Methil'. The first match played by the club was a friendly against Heart of Midlothian at Bayview Park on Saturday 15th August 1903. The match finished 2-2 with J. Nangle netting both East Fife goals. If anyone knows J. Nangle's first name could they please Email JimCorstorphine@btinternet.com as a search of the local press has proved fruitless!

Centenary Match - It was agreed that the most appropriate opponents for the commemorative centenary match would be Hearts, who had provided the opposition for the inaugural game in 1903. An early approach is to be made to the club in order to allow sufficient time to find an alternative if Hearts are not available. The suggestion was put forward that an approach should also be made to a local company with a view to providing a trophy to mark the event.

Famous Fifers - as a prelude to the Centenary Match, it was felt that it would be a good idea to invite some well known players from the past to take part in a parade as part of the pre-match entertainment. In order to ensure that no player is overlooked (although the number of players who are actually invited will be limited) we would be grateful if supporters could Email JimCorstorphine@btinternet.com with the names of any well known former players that come to mind.

Centenary Dinner - A dinner to mark the Centenary will be held in 2003, but it is anticipated that it will not be held at Bayview Stadium as it is expected that the number of people attending the event will be more than the function room at Bayview Stadium can hold.

Centenary Season Strip - The Centenary Committee would welcome suggestions from supporters as to the design of the strip which is to be worn throughout the Centenary Season. It has been intimated that the most appropriate jersey would be black and gold broad stripes, but as the supporters might have other ideas the Committee would be pleased if your ideas could be mailed to JimCorstorphine@btinternet.com for discussion at the next meeting. If the manufacturing costs are not too high, it is anticipated that boxed sets of the Centenary strip, including some items of memorabilia, will be available in the club shop during the Centenary year. The possibility of having a Centenary crest / logo designed by local school children (to be embroidered on the jersey) is to be investigated.

Statue Idea - The Committee thought that the idea to erect a statue at an appropriate location to commemorate the Centenary was one which should certainly be investigated. Chairman Bruce Black stated that he thought such a lasting monument marking the occasion was an "excellent idea" and Eugene Clarke volunteered to explore funding possibilities.

Schools Football Tournament - The possibility of organising a football tournament involving local schools to be held in May 2003 is to be investigated.

Open Day - It may be possible to incorporate a Bayview Stadium 'Open Day' into the above tournament.

Souvenir Posters - It was suggested that supporters might be interested in purchasing posters of old team and player photographs. An approach is to be made to a local printing firm to see if the idea is feasible.

Centenary Video / DVD - Jim Corstorphine agreed to approach a colleague who is a member of a local video club with a view to producing a commemorative video for sale to supporters. Although Jim has in his possession some old East Fife footage from the 1950's and some video from the Steve Archibald years, any film or video held by supporters will be more than welcome. If anyone can supply old East Fife film or video (and it doesn't have to be all that old!) we would be most grateful if details could be mailed to JimCorstorphine@btinternet.com as soon as possible.

Finally, a big thanks to the supporters who recently put suggestions forward to the Centenary Committee. All the ideas were considered and those which were felt to be appropriate to mark the club's Centenary will now be investigated more fully.

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