East Fife Football Club

1903 - 2003

The Centenary Year of East Fife Football Club is fast approaching!

The Centenary Committee are: BRUCE BLACK (Chairman), DERRICK BROWN (Vice Chairman), JOHN FLEMING (Hon.Vice President), KENNY MACKAY and JIM STEVENSON (Directors' Representatives), HUGH LANDELS and JOHN MCINNES (Shareholders Representatives), ROB SCOTT (Administration/Commercial Representative), JIM BEAVERS and JOHN ROSS (Supporters' Representatives), DAVE MARSHALL (Millennium Club Representative), JIM STEWART (Club Historian), JIM CORSTORPHINE (Editor of 'East Fife Football Historian' Web Site), GRAEME SCOTT (Editor of 'East Fife Mail'), EUGENE CLARKE ('Young Fifers' Representative) and HENRY BLYTH (Local Councillor)

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The latest meeting of the Centenary Committee was held at Bayview Stadium on Wednesday 3 July 2002, when the following topics were discussed:

Centenary Dinner - It was confirmed that the Centenary Dinner will be held at the Dean Park Hotel, Kirkcaldy, on Sunday 9 March 2003. It was noted that a number of supporters had already booked tickets (the price of the dinner is 25 and tickets can be booked at Bayview Stadium during normal office hours). The maximum attendance is 300, although present estimates would suggest that around 200 will be present. Further discussions took place concerning invitations to representatives from other Scottish League and SPL clubs and guest speakers.

Sportsman's Dinner - The Sportsman's Dinner will be held at Buckhaven Community Centre on Friday 5 September 2003. It was agreed that the similar event to be held at the same venue in September 2002 to raise money for the Under-18 team would be a useful trial run.

Centenary Match - The precise date for the Centenary match versus Heart of Midlothian for the East Fife Centenary Trophy (donated by UDV) will not be known until Spring 2003 at the earliest. Derrick Brown suggested that the well known players invited to be present should be introduced to the crowd. Eugene Clarke agreed to investigate possible alternatives to the present public address system for this to be carried out efficiently.

Other Clubs Celebrating Centenary in 2003 - It was agreed that Bruce Black would make further contact with Aberdeen F.C. (also celebrating their Centenary) with a view to playing a match during the Centenary season. It was noted that the Chairmen of the other Fife clubs had agreed in principle to a match with a 'Fife Select' and this would be pursued. The possibility of a tournament involving Arbroath F.C. (celebrating their 125th anniversary) was also mooted.

Primary Schools' Football Competition - Eugene Clarke reported that he was, together with Henry Blyth and Paul Freeman (SFA Community Coach),   arranging for a number of alternative schemes to be submitted for grant assistance to funding bodies, including the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. It was hoped that a scheme might be accepted that would provide for coaching in schools in addition to the one day tournament for the Alex Doig Trophy.

Centenary Logo - East Fife Mail Editor Graeme Scott circulated the detailed competition proposals to be published in the East Fife Mail and circulated to primary schools in the area. Graeme was asked if the competition could be extended outwith the East Fife Mail circulation area to include the Cupar, Glenrothes and St Andrews districts.

Former Players - Jim Beavers tabled an updated list well known former players to be invited to the Centenary match or other events.

Publications - Both Jim Stewart and Jim Corstorphine's publications are reported to be progressing well.

Civic Reception - Derrick Brown reported that Fife Council had agreed to offer a Civic Reception and invited the views of the club regarding the date and venue. It was agreed that the most appropriate time would be towards the end of the Centenary season, possibly in Spring 2004.

Centenary Season Strip - It was agreed that the club would revert to the traditional black and gold vertically striped jersey from the beginning of season 2002/03, when black shorts would be worn. For the following season (Centenary season), the strip would be specially badged and white shorts would be worn. It was hoped that the Centenary strip would be available for purchase by supporters by Christmas 2002.

Statue, Sculpture or Other Artwork - Bruce Black reported that he had been approached by an artist based in Aberhill who had offered to produce a commemorative artwork. Eugene Clarke agreed to discuss the matter with the artist.

Commemorative Whisky - John Fleming and Jim Beavers reported that contact had been made with companies that could produce a specially labelled commemorative whisky. It was noted, however, that the cost of production would probably rule the matter out.

Once again, a big thank you to those who have put suggestions forward. The Centenary Committee are keen to encourage a good interaction with the supporters and all suggestions (which can be forwarded via this web site) will be given consideration.

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