East Fife Football Club

1903 - 2003

The Centenary Year of East Fife Football Club is fast approaching!

The Centenary Committee are: BRUCE BLACK (Chairman), DERRICK BROWN (Vice Chairman), JOHN FLEMING (Hon.Vice President), KENNY MACKAY and JIM STEVENSON (Directors' Representatives), HUGH LANDELS and JOHN MCINNES (Shareholders Representatives), ROB SCOTT (Administration/Commercial Representative), JIM BEAVERS and JOHN ROSS (Supporters' Representatives), DAVE MARSHALL (Millennium Club Representative), JIM STEWART (Club Historian), JIM CORSTORPHINE (Editor of 'East Fife Football Historian' Web Site), GRAEME SCOTT (Editor of 'East Fife Mail'), EUGENE CLARKE ('Young Fifers' Representative) and HENRY BLYTH (Local Councillor)

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The latest meeting of the Centenary Committee was held at Bayview Stadium on Wednesday 3 April 2002, when the following topics were discussed:

Centenary Dinner - After much discussion, it was agreed that the Centenary Dinner would be held on Sunday 9 March 2003 at the Dean Park Hotel in Kirkcaldy. The actual number of people to attend the dinner is yet to be finalised, but it was agreed to work meantime on the basis of a total of 200. i.e. 100 invited guests and 100 officials and supporters of the club. Any supporter wishing to attend the dinner can book their tickets immediately via Derrick Brown.

Sportsman's Dinner - It was agreed to hold a Sportsman's Dinner later in the Centenary Year. Further details and possible venues are to be discussed.

Centenary Match - The Centenary Match versus Hearts should be a gala occasion. Appropriate half time entertainment will be arranged and the opportunity will be taken to introduce former well known players to the crowd.

Other Clubs Celebrating Centenary in 2003 - Aberdeen F.C., who also celebrate their Centenary in 2003, have indicated their willingness to co-operate with East Fife and further contact will be made with the company organising the Aberdeen Centenary, when the possibility of a match versus Aberdeen will be raised. It was noted that Arbroath F.C. were celebrating their 125th Anniversary in 2003 and the possibility of a match against Arbroath will also be considered.

Primary Schools' Football Competition - Eugene Clarke and Henry Blyth have discussed the proposed schools' tournament with Paul Freeman, the SFA Community Coach, who has indicated a willingness to assist in any way possible. Further details of the tournament, which will be held at the end of the 2002/03 season for the Alex Doig Trophy, will be available at the end of May.

Open Days - It was felt that an Open Day coinciding with the Schools' Tournament was not practicable. Instead, Open Day(s) will be arranged at the beginning of the 2003/04 season.

Centenary Logo - A competition to design the logo is to be run by the East Fife Mail commencing in Autumn 2002 and completed in December 2002. The competition is to be run at an early date to allow it to be incorporated, if appropriate, into materials being produced in connection with the Centenary year.

Commemorative Supplement in East Fife Mail - East Fife Mail Editor Graeme Scott and Jim Stewart have agreed to organise the supplement.

Former Players - Jim Beavers has updated the draft list well known former players who might be invited to the Centenary match or other events. It was agreed that there was no need to limit numbers on the list, which will be discussed further at the next meeting. In order to ensure that no player worthy of being invited to the Centenary match is missed out, the Committee would welcome suggestions, which can be forwarded to JimCorstorphine@btinternet.com.

Publications - Both Jim Stewart and Jim Corstorphine confirmed that their Centenary publications were on schedule for publication in early 2003 and late 2003 respectively. It was also agreed that Jim Stewart's book would be considered the 'Official' publication.

Civic Reception - Fife Council are reported to be willing to offer a Civic Reception, although there are further issues to be discussed concerning timing, numbers and location.

Exhibition at Methil Heritage Centre - Doubts have been expressed about the viability of another exhibition at the Heritage Centre (there have been several already!). Subject to what memorabilia and artefacts are available, the exhibition could instead be held at Bayview Stadium. If anyone has in their possession any item of interest relating to East Fife, please contact either the club or E-mail JimCorstorphine@btinternet.com

Centenary Season Strip - It was agreed that the strip should consist of black and gold striped jersey (with centenary badge) and white shorts. Samples of material were examined and a clear preference was identified.

Statue, Sculpture or Other Artwork - After much investigation, Eugene Clarke reported that this will not be possible to arrange.

Centenary Merchandise - Jim Corstorphine agreed to investigate the possibility of producing a Centenary calendar. It was agreed that a range of other commemorative merchandise would be required.

Once again, a big thank you to those who have put suggestions forward. The Centenary Committee are keen to encourage a good interaction with the supporters and all suggestions (which can be forwarded via this web site) will be given consideration.

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