East Fife v Armadale - Head to Head analysis:

Competition Scottish League Scottish Cup
East Fife wins 12 0
Armadale wins 7 0
Drawn Matches 2 0

Total goals scored in Scottish League and Scottish Cup:

East Fife

59 Armadale 38

East Fife and Armadale met regularly in Central League and Eastern (Wartime) League matches before both were admitted to the Scottish League in 1921. One match which stands out is the Division Two match between the sides on 14 December 1929 at Volunteer Park, Armadale. In the first half the East Fife players came in for some pretty rough treatment from their hosts, with the home crowd cheering every time one of the Armadale players fouled one of their opponents. During the second half some of the crowd spilled on to the pitch behind East Fife 'keeper Bernard's goal and the local police had to be called to restore order to allow the match to proceed, which Armadale went on to win 3-2. East Fife didn't have to wait long for revenge. On 19 April 1930 the Fifers won promotion for the first time in their history by beating Armadale 3-0 at Bayview. Armadale dropped out of the Scottish League after playing only 17 matches in the 1932/33 season, but not before the Fifers trounced the West Lothian side 8-1 at Bayview on 15 October 1932. Junior side Armadale Thistle still play at Volunteer Park.

Volunteer Park, Armadale. Once a Scottish League ground, this was the scene of an extremely rough encounter between Armadale and East Fife in December 1929.

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